What is the best sunscreen – Tips for shopping

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With summertime heat, comes damage to your skin if you do not protect. With sun damage to your skin, it can create scarring, age spots, deadly cancer, severe burns,and sun freckles. So, no matter what using a sunscreen is the best tool against damage

The number one thing to look for is the SPF. The higher, the better. Depending where you live, you may have to go all the way up to a SPF 50. A thirty or below will never work in the US South or West coast as temps can reach an easy 120-130 degrees. They same goes in all the wonderful tropical places in the world.

Number two is make sure it is water and sweat proof. This save in reapplying constantly. The sunscreens used to not be sweatproof but they are now doing this. There is a difference in sweat and waterproof. Waterproof means it will not wash off immediately in the water. Sweatproof is not streaking and running down or off your body. Sweat is like water, but the sunscreen will stay on your skin.

Read the ingredients always in sunscreen. Even though it is waterproof and has a high SPF protection, make sure the ingredients are safe for your skin and your health. Just because they state it, they need to guarantee it and back up their claims. Cheaper ones are good but if water is the first ingredient, that is not a great sign. Especially around your face and eyes, be very careful.

What type of skin type do you have along with skin tone? This means if you have extremely dry skin, buy the one that will give moisture and keep your skin healthy while protecting your skin. If you have oily skin, you definitely do not want to have more painful breakouts.

When the sky is over cast or has barely any sun, you must where a sunscreen as you will get burned. Sometimes, it can be harmful than a sunny day. In the early afternoon is a high peak time of the most intense sun rays. So, check your area you live in to see what time of day will be the hottest.

Click here to see any place in the world about the UV forecast in your area. This helps if you are traveling or planning your day. Protect your skin and have a great summer!

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