How to Have Fun With the Family

disney-cruise-line-the-best-cruising-family-vacation-4.jpgA common family likes to hang out with the kids on the Halloween day to enjoy the trick or treat, but it does not happen just with a common family but also with a family of the most artists of the Hollywood, and to prove it the Gossip Center took pictures of the Cruise’s Family, the Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri Cruise in one of the neighbors of Los Angeles, California.
According to the Gossip Center his wife, Katie Holmes is taking care of their daughter while Tom Cruise is working in the 4th version of the “Impossible Mission”, and her was try to make her daughter’s life much better.

Cruise’s daughter was dressing like a princess and she was handle some kind of plastic pumpkin to save all candies gets in her walk around the neighbor.

Some people forget that the artists are also human in a first place and there are no reason to them live a different life, they have their job like anyone around the world, and people love to know how is nice to be an artist, but they forget that these people like to have a social life as anyone around us.

The artists are not famous because they want to, but because the people who make them to become something that they are not, and the people who watch their job forget that there is no difference between us and them, and they create this “world of stars”.

Because of it that people should preserve a little more the people’s life, without so many pictures or interviews, and the reason for it is that anyone deserve to have a common and peaceful life, and it does not matter what kind of job you do.

If you think that is very nice to know about some artist life, change the papers on your mind and see if you would like to have so many people around you asking about with who you have sex or with who did hang out with and stuffs like that.

The respect is something that people are forgetting about it.

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novembro 14, 2010

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