How To Flush Out the Cooling System for a Sea-Doo GTX

2009-sea-doo-gtx-215tn.jpgYour Sea-Doo GTX is the love of your life. You may not use it during the winter or you may use it only on the weekends. No matter what, you have to maintain it to keep it in tip top shape. If you are thinking of owning a GTX, this baby can easily seat three people and has different speed settings that will get your heart pumping with excitement. They even have a security system and tilt steering. With this Sea-Doo being higher class, let us learn how to flush out the cooling system.

The Sea-Doo GTX has a rear water outlet. This will get rid of the junk in the trunk as the saying goes. All that sediment from sand, gravel, and salt is nasty on your cooling system. Grab your water hose and gently thread it inside the water outlet port. Now, turn on your engine. Turn the water on and let the fun begin. Time it three minutes and not any longer.

While you are flushing your GTX, use Spray Bombardier lubricant on the left side of your air intake silencer. This keep your engine at a very strong idle while it is flushing the cool system. Now, turn off your engine and turn off the water. Use a clean, dry cloth to pat the engine dry.

The next step is to disconnect your spark plugs to the GTX. Now, on the engine's north, plug them into the Sea-Doo's grounding terminals. Turn back on the engine and close your fuel valve. Use the Bombardier lubricant again on the engine. After a minute, turn off the engine. Disconnect the spark plugs and lube them with the Spray Bombardier or anti-seize lubricant. Turn the engine back on and quickly off. Now, reconnect the spark plugs to the GTX's engine.

See this was simple and easy to do. After a long, hard ride, you can do this the same day and just get it out of the way while drinking a cold one. Even fire up the BBQ while working on it. I call that sweet multi-tasking.

But seriously, you do need to take care of your investment. I wrote yesterday on how to change your oil on any Sea-Doo. So, proper maintenance will give you years of enjoyment to come! Or you will be crying all the way to the bank!

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