Helpful Tips On Buying Summer Shoes

7-21-c3.jpgIt is almost summertime, you can feel it in the air. A little bit of hot and a little bit of cool. It is time to find a new pair of summer shoes. It can be slides, flats, sandals, or flip flops. But, you should always protect your feet

When buying a pair of summer shoes, does your feet swell? If a person had Diabetes for example, their feet can swell. Then, shoes will not fit. So, take this into consideration. Another idea for safety is one foot is bigger than the other. So, if you got a pair of sexy high heeled sandals, make absolutely sure that your foot doesn’t move or slide around in the shoe. Then, there is no falling or twisting an ankle.

One helpful tip on buying summer shoes is make sure they do fit. Not because they are cute and awesome. You need your feet for the rest of your life. So, take care of them. Do not pinch them so tight to cut off the circulation, plus it definitely will leave blisters on the back of your ankles and sides of your feet. Do not have them too loose either. This helps with protecting your ankles. If you know you have to walk all day long, they have to feel comfortable and not too tight or too loose. If you cannot wear regular summer shoes because of this, look for orthopedic shoes. They are now becoming very common to find.

Then, you can walk all day and your feet and back feel great and not in pain and agony. This helps also if you have a bad hip or back and just for a special occasion you want to wear a pair of heels. For a bad hip and back, you really should stay with flats and slides. A good wedge or platform can help you with your balance.

Flip flops are the most popular summer sandal. But, they are the most dangerous type of summer shoe. There is no protection for the feet. They can come off very easily and toes can get injured. Or even get stuck in between things when walking.

So when walking, the flip flop could still be attached to you while it got stuck to something else. This can cause injury. Like using an escalator for example. So, do not ever be close to the edge of anything when standing and waiting while moving.

Have a fun summer!

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maio 23, 2011

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