Having a Bad Hair Day?

Having a Bad Hair Day?

Here are 2 ways to keep your hair from having a bad hair day

Don’t Overuse Products

If you mix a gel and a silicone shiner, use too much then add hair spray over the top, you’ll get dull looking locks that have a gummy feeling. A small amount of product gives you control. Too much of a product weighs hair down.

Use Rollers Right

Rollers are super popular these days, whether they’re Velcro, hot rollers or self-adhering ones. If you are using unheated rollers, set hair when it is just damp.

Don’t apply any product until hair reaches the damp state; it’ll just take longer to dry. Add a bit of product when hair is barely damp and roll up rollers, positioning largest-diameter ones at the top for maximum volume. Allow them to dry completely (you can speed this with a blow dryer), then unwind rollers carefully.If you use hot rollers, allow them to cool completely before gently unwinding them.

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